• 2020 "Quaranteam". The involuntary study of the neighborhood. Vykhino, Moscow, Russia
  • 2019 "Perceiving Academy 648". E.KA.TE, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • 2018 "Chaising after Elusive Landscapes" by Moscow-based curator Yana Malinovskaya. Kaliningrad region, Russia
  • 2016 "Danilovsky district: maps and walks". A series of walks which were devoted to the restructuring of attention from the movement from one point to another to the area itself and the interaction with it at different levels — visual, auditory, tactile — and recording of this interaction in various media. Moscow, Russia
  • 2014 "The Haptic City Moscow". Research of the city for the presence of emotionally significant elements for their further interpretation into a stitching design. Moscow, Russia